TiENPAY is company dedicated to facilitating cryptocurrency transactions for online merchants and end users.

TiENPAY is a developer of fintech software including digital exchanges, payment gateway, blockchain software, token planning and DApp development.

Initially built as a tool to facilitate online payments, the company quickly expanded to create more widely-accessible hardware for further integration.

Tienpay has Expanded to brick-and-mortar stores and increased the accessibility into the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces, aiding in the global vision to make digital assets a standard of trade.



Our Mission

To provide a low-cost, high quality telecommunications service that facilitates payments and transfers anytime, anywhere.

Our Vision

To be the number one global mobile wallet with Clearance and Settlement platform used among mobile wallet users.

Our History

TiENPAY is a global settlement and clearance system for mobile digital wallets with capacity to connect to more than 350 payment gateways in licensed countries around the world.


Launch digital exchange platform in Hong Kong for cryptocurrency and asset trading including Bitcoin, Ethereum and our own listed ICO tokens by TiENPAY

What We've Achieved

  • TiEN Network created a blockchain that allows for the assimilation of numerous tokens with atomic-swaps and inter-operative ability.

  • TiEN Network is able to host a large variety tokens on its own chain.

  • TiEN Network’s protocol is capable of creating and issuing new altcoins or tokens through its smart contract program known as Self Program Token (SPT).

  • TiEN Network provides a base layer for blockchain, enabling the execution of a wide variety of actions including logging and registration of tokens while seamlessly exchanging data with any public protocol chains.

  • TiEN connects and interacts with IoT devices and services to create an entire ecosystem for its users.

  • TiEN Network can connect to any chain and IoT devices instantly with minimal programming knowledge necessary, making it the most user-friendly method of integration.


The TiEN blockchain (t8t) is one key project developed by TiENPAY



TiEN Blockchain aims to create a ecosystem where all types of digital assets are link and integrated with blockchain tokens.

TiEN Blockchain is developed by TiENPAY,The company bahind the coins-on-coins/token-on-token standard type of aggregation of tokens in future in this blockchain space,TiEN BlockChain build applications with atomic-swap and inter-operative process that have the ability to merge and acqurie tokens on the chain.